• Fadia Mahardika UIN Antasari, Banjarmasin
Keywords: english slang, social media, linguistic


Social media has an important effect on almost every aspect of modern communication, completely changing how people communicate and express themselves. Furthermore, social media has influenced English slang in ways that extend beyond simple linguistic development and involve larger sociocultural patterns. Recognising the revolutionary impact of social media on language trends, especially the creation and spread of English slang, this study purpose to examine the understanding and knowledge of the impact of social media in the use of English slang through the perspective of people who have studied English and ordinary people.This research was designed as a qualitative research using Narrative Inquiry Study. It also used interviews to collect data. The data was taken from two people of which one was an English language education student and the other was an ordinary person. The results showed that there were significant differences in the perspectives of the two regarding the understanding and knowledge of the use of English slang. Thus, this shows the importance of understanding multiple perspectives and highlights the need for linguistic education programs that are inclusive and seek to minimize the impact of social media evolution on language trends. As English usage begins to change in the digital age, individuals receiving formal education and the online community as a whole make significant contributions to a comprehensive understanding of language evolution.

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